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LED Light Patio Umbrella

LED Light Patio Umbrella

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compass 48LED tent account    

4 section 5 ordinary battery (not delivered battery) can not use Nanfu rechargeable battery Energy is too large to damage the led bulb!   

  [bulb] LED light   

 [Lifetime] Life expectancy is up to normal   

  [Gear position] 3 files Outer ring 24 lights on - Inner ring 24 lights on - Inner and outer rings are all bright    

  [Size] diameter 14.5* thick 2CM    

  [Material] The outer casing is (high-grade ABS engineering plastic), which is light in weight, easy to carry, novel in style and fashionable.   

  [Features] High brightness, long range, suitable for those with high brightness requirements   

  [Waterproof] Strengthen the waterproof design and easily cope with the wild environment    

 [Packaging] blister card packaging     

 [Weight] with card 140 grams    


With super bright LED, it can be hung, light, easy to move, and used for a long time.!

     Suitable for camping, walking at night, reading books, fishing.   

 It is the preferred tool for hiking, camping, hiking, fishing and other field sports; it can also be used for reading, repairing, and power outages at home;   

 It’s late, it’s a good helper for the child’s early night out.    

 【product description】    

 Appearance: Using ultra-high brightness light-emitting diode (LED), the life span can reach 100,000 hours. The power consumption is very small, and it can be powered by about 4 hours using 4 AA batteries. There is no battery in this light.

    The push button switch is convenient to operate and has a low failure rate.   

  It is the preferred tool for hiking, camping, hiking and other field sports; it can also be used for reading, repairing, preventing power outages, etc. at home.  

  Equipped with a hook that can be easily hung on the top of the tent without having to worry about the lack of headlights.

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